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coach sorsby

 I've had the fantastic opportunity to work with Coach Shawn T. Sorsby as a friend, one of his coaches, and someone I look to for his great philosophy of "joy-based living." This is a great honor to capture these images.

Coach Shawn T. Sorsby is an award-winning Math Teacher and Chess Coach. He is the founder and Executive Director of A Step Ahead Chess, an organization dedicated to creating the next generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers, and future leaders. 

ASAC is a Nonprofit organization that relies on members, donors, and partners who share our belief that chess is the great equalizer. 

With a mantra of “it’s not a loss, it’s a lesson,” A Step Ahead Chess is committed to enriching the lives of youth with chess lessons that go beyond the board, proving there are no limits for our children.

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